What is positive reinforcement training?

Positive reinforcement training is the most modern humane training method. It focuses on rewarding when the dog demonstrates desirable behaviors. If your dog is taught a desirable behavior, and it is reinforced, it is likely for that behavior to occur more often. Rewards including food, toys, petting, verbal praise and other life rewards are used as reinforcers.

Where will the team take my dog on walks and doggie adventures? 

We enjoy the local neighborhoods, but also appreciate variety.  You can find us strolling downtown on Las Olas Blvd and along A1A too.  For dog adventures, we head to some of south Florida’s parks to walk along trails. New smells and surroundings are exciting so we keep things interesting.  These adventures give dogs a chance to socialize which is so critical for their well being.  Not to mention, your dog will come home tired and happy 🙂

What does Pack Perfection need to know about a dog walking a dog? Does she have any breed preferences?

We will always schedule meet n greet with you.  We may come to your home or schedule a meeting with you and your dog on neutral grounds. It is also very important that other dogs get along well before welcoming the new dog to go on a pack walk or dog adventure. Vaccination records are a must.  We prefer dogs that are spayed/neutered. You must fill out a profile form and provide information about flea, tick and heart worm treatment. It is also important that you provide updated vet records.

Does Pack Perfection have reliable transportation in the event of an emergency?


Why should you book a walk or daycare service with Pack Perfection?

With Pack Perfection you get much more than what you pay for. Nicole and Tracy  are dog experts, plus we play with the dogs, bring them to exciting places, and train them whenever they are with us. You don’t get that kind of individualized attention when you bring your dog to a daycare facility. Plus, your pup may get to play in a house and yard with just a few doggie pals under full supervision. Nicole and Tracy share all their toys, beds, and treats! Walks, runs, and/or jogs with us are safe and structured.  We will use a harness on walks that best fit the dog’s body shape.  We are selective about the neighborhoods explored, have strong handling skills, and teach the dogs walking etiquette too.  We are always working on teaching the dogs a new trick or basic commands during private training sessions and on walks.  We always update you with pictures and videos of the fun your dog is having and will text you detailed information about the walks, training sessions, and send you a GPS tracking of their activity.  We carefully selects dogs into our pack after a detailed meet-n-greet, so you know that your dog will be with other well mannered and socialized dogs.  Be sure to read testimonials from clients!