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Very fortunate I was able to find Nicole and Pack Perfection. Riley and I had multiple sessions with Nicole, and I’m very pleased with the results. Nicole is a knowledgeable, patient trainer who is available to answer questions, provide feedback, and give pointers at all hours of the day, whether in person, by phone, email, or text message. Riley has improved vastly with the help and training of Nicole’s sessions, and I have several different tools and techniques that I can continue to practice with Riley on to mold her into my ideal pet. I have also dropped Riley off at Nicole’s house for doggy day care, and it is such a treat (for both Riley and myself). Nicole texts picture updates, sends videos, and screenshots of their walk routes. I recommend Nicole to anyone who wants their dog to improve in some aspect. Nicole listens to your needs and desires, and tailors them in a way that engages your pet and also teaches them lifelong skills.

Matt B. June 2016

Nicole is an amazing trainer and an extremely pleasant person to work with. She assists you in every step of the way and whenever you have a question or need extra help she can be easily reached. Our training experience was fantastic. Her training reduced jumping and gave us viable methods to control it on a regular basis. The training methods we learned increased Lenny obedience. We learned how to overcome him taking things he shouldn’t have – like my kids toys or shoes. Plus,  the training games we learned have helped Lenny with discovering his sense of smell, hearing, and sight – plus the games keep him entertained! We enjoyed every training session as did Lenny!

Michele and Rice B.  July 2015

I just have to let you know how good Marina is doing. I give you all the credit for “training me” how to work with her. Rarely does she jump on people and her biting is a thing of the past. Even my grandson enjoys her now.  My husband and I take her to the park every morning and she RUNS with her friends – wonderful exercise. We left her in Atlanta with the breeder when we went up to NC. He thought she was great and was thrilled how good she went in the crate… Thanks to you! Take care and thank you for getting me through the bad stages.

Kathi F. October, 2015

As a former FBI agent and prosecutor, I am very careful as to who I let in my home. Nicole is honest, comes on time, and our dog, Boo Boo, can’t wait to see her! I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy person- not just to enter their home, but to walk and train their loved pet dog. Nicole has the work ethic and honesty not easily found. She is a treasure!

Steve R.  November, 2015

Pack Perfection came to our home to help teach our family how to train our new puppy. We wanted to teach him to have good manners. It has been such a blessing and Nicole is amazing at knowing exactly what both the family and the dog should be doing. We can’t say enough about our experience with Nicole. Our family gives Pack Perfection two hands and four paws up!

Sarah D.   August, 2015

We had multiple training sessions with Nicole in our home and they were always enlightening and a pleasure.  My pups accomplished a ton – so it is hard to pick the “biggest” accomplishment. They learned so much, and I learned even more! Looking back, I don’t think my family would have survived the adoption of our two young sibling pups (coupled with an older dog at home already) had it not been for your knowledge and expertise. Nicole, you are wonderful!

 Patsy Z.   May, 2015

Can’t begin to express how happy and fortunate we feel to have found Nicole! She is not only exceptionally trustworthy, communicative and professional, but she goes above and beyond when caring for our dog. Besides walking him, she takes the time to teach him new tricks, promote good behavior and also trains us to continue those positive behaviors. Incredible!! I highly recommend Nicole!”

Vladi Y.   December, 2015

I needed a dog walker/sitter for my little buddy Dozer. I work more than full time and needed help giving him exercise and mental stimulation. I hired Nicole based on a reference from a friend. This was likely the best reference I was ever given. Not only was Nicole professional and educated, but dedicated and focused. She went out of her way to help my old English bulldog by teaching him basic obedience commands. She also spent time emailing and calling me to let me know about commands that they worked on. Moreover, Dozer was a typical stubborn bulldog that would often lie down on our walks. She was able to give me some tips on keeping him motivated and engaged on the walks. Nicole taught me how to handle Dozer in the opposite situation when he would be walking me, when he saw other dogs. I can’t thank Nicole enough for the help she has given and continues to give both of us. Thanks again Nicole.

John R.  May 26, 2014

I wanted to say that Nicole did a wonderful job looking after our two Westie pups.  They are both sound asleep after three days of non stop action, play and fun.  Thanks for looking after them so well and with so much personal care.  We truly appreciate it.  We’ll be back!

 Nicole is a true animal person, who loves and respects these wonderful 4-legged creatures! Nicole is a dedicated, passionate, motivated person. She is a problem solver, innovator and learner. She uses only positive reinforcement training techniques, which she has learned from some of the leading dog training experts. All the animals in our doggie playgroup adore her! You and your pooch will too!
Aline G. July 14, 2014

Nicole has been so much more than a sitter for my dog and me. She is the most patient, energetic, and creative person my dog, Keira, and I have worked with. Keira goes crazy when Nicole comes over. She howls, wags, and rolls over waiting for Nicole’s belly scratch. What makes Nicole different is that she had a detailed interview with me to best understand my needs and what was best for Keira before being hired. She knows so much about dog handling and is very thoughtful. In a short time Nicole has helped Keira stop laying on the ground in the middle of a walk, taught me how to get her to sit when people enter the house, and has showed me games/activities to engage her mind. I had no idea that Keira getting enough mental stimulation. I was walking her everyday, but it just wasn’t enough. After hiring Nicole as a sitter, I hired her for several training sessions. She took the time to teach me too. She would always email me after a session to see how my training was going at home. She is a true teacher and her education background is evident! I appreciate her communication style too. Nicole always sends pics, videos and a gps summary of their walks and whereabouts. Nicole is simply the best, and is so much more than your average dog sitter!

Rose G.   August, 2014

I was looking for a dog walker to walk my dog while I work, and was lucky to have found Nicole. She is very trustworthy and loves her job. Nicole sent me pictures of my dog and the route she walked showing the time she spent with him outside. It is relief knowing that my dog is in such good hands while I am not there. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone who wants their own dog to be well taken care of. I plan to continue using her services offered. I am happy to have found her, and most important my dog seems very happy too!! 🙂

Nicole Groth     September 12, 2014

Nicole is the best! She goes above and beyond to make sure you and your dog are comfortable. It’s clear that she is extremely knowledgeable on dog training and handling. She’s punctual, reliable, & responsible, but more than that she goes the extra mile to really connect with my dog, Maggie. Her passion for these animals is contagious! Thanks!

Matt Coder    June 22, 2014

I would give Nicole 5 stars, 10 if possible. She was wonderful with Ben, and he was so excited the second we walked into her house. I don’t think he wanted to leave to come home with me. I really appreciated all the pictures and videos Nicole sent to me. Ben was having a blast with Luna playing with the palms in her backyard, chilling in the kiddie pool, and he even swam in the big pool with Nicole. Nicole also gave me some training suggestions and answered so many questions that I had about working with Ben to stop him from jumping. She is far more than a sitter. Nicole is surely an amazing trainer too. Nicole sent me a few links to great websites to show me games to play with Ben at home. She shared delicious treats to motivate him and she even let him try some of Luna’s interactive food dispensers. So many dog sitters do just that- they sit and don’t do much with the dogs, but Nicole structured the day with Ben. They walked in Hollywood, they went to the dog park, and they had a blast in her yard. Ben was so tired and happy like Nicole promised. I will be recommending her to everyone I know with dogs and you bet Ben will be a regular at doggie day care at her house! She is worth way more than her price too.

Kaitlyn B.   August 18, 2014

This was our first time leaving our dog, Lucy, with a sitter for any length of time. After interviewing several both by phone and in person, we were generally disheartened by either the lack of knowledge, the poor behavior of the sitter’s own pets, or the sheer number of animals already under their watch. Nicole was, immediately, a breath of fresh air. She:

-Has one well-behaved, intelligent, well-trained dog, Luna, who got along perfectly with Lucy.

– Is a dog trainer, so she worked with Lucy (as my wife and I do) during her stay.

– Cares. We got pictures and updates multiple times daily, and Nicole showed genuine affection towards and care for Lucy.

We will not hesitate to use Nicole again for long or short stays. It was a pleasure for Lucy and for us, and we so appreciated knowing that Lucy was well cared for and in such capable hands.                 

Joshua V.  September 17, 2014

I used Nicole for 4 days/3nights to sit my large bull dog. She loves dogs and spent much time caring for my pet. He is extra large, strong and has minor allergies. I can testify in her ability to handle large/strong breeds who have some few medical issues like mine. Another plus is Nicole’s knowledge and education of the K-9- this is evident in her handling and the communication to the owner. She is very patient, responded back immediately, and kept in contact when I needed reassurance that my dog was doing alright! She has many toys to stimulate and encourage the pets to work and keep active. She even knows how to handle a dog who my be having seperation anixiety from missing the owner, like my dog. I usually board my dog in a kennel but I am grateful Nicole agreed to sit my big, slobbery dog and I appreciated her service. She was GREAT!

Shiloh W. September 3, 2014

We are so happy that we found Nicole! She provided excellent care for our canine baby, Minnie. 🙂 Nicole went above and beyond to make sure Minnie was content, loved and kept busy with lots of “doggie activities”. We would recommend Nicole, without hesitation, to anyone and everyone.

Heather C.  September 27th, 2014

Having had some bad experiences with Pet Sitters in the past, I am really happy that I found Nicole to take care of my dog, Sheba. First of all, Nicole takes in just two dogs at a time, so I can be sure that Sheba gets the attention she deserves. Second, Nicole doesn’t just watch Sheba, she interacts with Sheba, so Sheba gets some training and affection when I’m not there. Also, Nicole’s dog Luna has becomes Sheba’s BFF.  They can play for hours! I really appreciate the fact that Nicole sends me pictures of Sheba when she is there, so I know everything is all right. Finally, the only crate in the house is Luna’s, so I know that Sheba won’t be put in a crate and forgotten as soon as I leave.  I do not crate Sheba, and that’s fine with Nicole. Leaving your dog with someone else can be very stressful, but I am very comfortable leaving Sheba with Nicole.

Les S. Sept 29, 2014

Our experience with Nicole was great! Jake had a wonderful time and even learned some new tricks. Nicole was more then just a sitter for Jake, she worked with him on some of his anxiety issues and was sure to send us pics and videos while we were away. Her dog, Luna, is a great example of how she is able to love and nurture the animals in her care. We feel more than confident to seek Nicole’s services in the future as well as recommend her to anyone looking for a dogvacay of their own.

Amy G. Oct 14, 2014

Kobe is the absolute love of our lives, so the only option for our pup is the BEST of the BEST. Nicole is exactly that! It was so comforting knowing that Kobe would be with Nicole and her dog, Luna, and not at a dog kennel where he would be 1 of 15-20 other dogs.

Kobe has now stayed with Nicole overnight on multiple occasions since our wedding. The second that Kobe walks in the door to her house he immediately forgets that I am even there which is the best feeling! And when it comes time for me to pick Kobe up, it looks like he doesn’t want to leave and I LOVE that. He absolutely LOVES Nicole and Luna. I have to say…Luna and Nicole are the perfect pair! Luna plays so well with Kobe and every other dog that comes over, and is so well behaved as a result of Nicole’s training. Another bonus…when I get home from a vacation, I’m always able to get all my laundry, errands, etc. done right away because Kobe is so mentally and physically tired. Nicole takes Kobe on multiple walks, trips to parks, and he also gets to go swimming in her pool! I LOVE getting all the video and picture texts of their daily activities.

Nicole is a natural born teacher and so knowledgeable about canine health, safety, training, and so much more. Every time Kobe stays with her I notice some kind of positive change when I pick him up. Plus, she is patient, goodhearted, determined, and such a hard worker.

Kristen C. October 10, 2014

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